COMING 2021 – Caring Hearts will open an ABA Clinic in Fort Pierce


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ABA Clinic

Service Description

Coming Soon we are excited to begin working on our clinic in Saint Lucie County. We know that early intervention is essential to the individuals that we serve. Our goals at the clinic will be to work on functional communication, cooperative play, toilet training, and preparing our students to transition to school environment.

In home Services

Service Description

ABA Therapy ​is ​conducted ​1:1 ​in​ ​a ​designated ​area ​in ​the ​home ​(chosen ​by ​the family). ​The ABA Therapy ​program can​ ​range ​anywhere ​from ​3-6 ​hours. ​During ​this ​time, ​the therapist ​will ​work ​on​ ​a ​variety ​of ​skills ​that ​are ​most ​beneficial ​for ​the ​child and ​their ​family. ​They ​will ​also ​incorporate ​time ​for ​play, ​breaks, ​and ​mealtime. ​The ​family ​is ​more ​than ​welcome ​to ​observe ​and ​also ​participate. ​


Applied Behavior Training

Service Description

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is one of the most effective ways to teach children with special needs. At Caring Hearts, we utilize a variety of treatment modalities such as Incidental Teaching, Precision Teaching and Discrete Trial Training.  ABA is used to teach a wide variety of skills.  

When a child is enrolled, they will be assessed by one of our Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Our BCBA will conduct behavioral observations, complete assessments  with the child, and  interview caregivers and other stakeholders.   afterward review past evaluations and reports. Based on the information gained After the assessment, an individualized treatment plan is written and discussed with the family.  The family is a key part to the treatment of the child, so it is critical the family agree and provide input on the treatment plan.

Parent Training

Service Description

All insurance companies require a parent training component which makes it mandatory for all family’s insurance. Parent training is also beneficial for your child to have parents learn and implement strategies that can help increase desirable behaviors or decrease maladaptive behaviors. You and your BCBA will determine what needs to be covered during parent training.  We will also offer support group for parents of newly diagnosed youth and general parent support group.



Service Description

IEP Consultation is available for families who have children transitioning to school.  If families are already engaged in our Clinic Program or in-Home Program this service is complementary.  If you are a parent who is frustrated with the process, please call our office to find out how we can assist you with navigating the IEP Process.


Service Description

Dr. Harper provides supervision for individuals who are training to become BCBA’s and BCABA’s for employees this supervision is free.  Dr. Harper can be contracted to provided supervision for individuals who are not employed by Caring Hearts.  Please call our office for rates.


Service Description

New Diagnosis Group and Continuing Parental Support